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Who's This Event For?

• Entrepreneurs, Lightworkers and Visionaries
Mindfulness Practitioners and Teachers
• Healers, Psychologists and Therapists
• Parents, Teachers and Educators 
• Yoga Students and Teachers
• Intuitives and Clairvoyants
• People seeking growth, freedom and higher purpose
People seeking a fresh perspective on spirituality
• Anyone who is looking to expand their consciousness
Individuals who want to align with their highest passions
• People who want to discover ancient secrets and wisdom
• Anyone who wants to create and manifest their best life
• Individuals looking for more meaning and happiness 
Anyone who wants align with higher love, light and joy
• People dedicated to self-discovery and awareness
People looking for a like-minded community of lightworkers
What You Will Learn
DAY 1: Expand Your Mind
• Self-discovery tools to uncover unconscious thoughts & emotions
• Discover mindful practices to break through conditioned beliefs
• Expand your consciousness for higher purpose, creativity & flow
DAY 2: Empower Your Body
• Mindfulness-based movement practices for self-healing 
• Transformational tools for greater mind-body connection
• How to listen and be more in tune with your body's wisdom
DAY 3: Heal Your Heart
• Identify and release stuck emotions to create a new future
• Meditative practices to activate your heart intelligence
• How to develop your intuition and manifest with more ease
• Secrets to having everything you want in relationships
DAY 4: Align Your Soul
• How to rise above the ego to align with your divine essence
• Sacred practices to cultivate greater presence, love and joy
• Awaken your inner power to tune into higher intelligence
Sacred Ceremonies
DAY 1: Sound Healing & Mantra Meditation
Featuring Krishna Das, Lulu & Mischka
Includes a collective sound-healing session with powerful mantras and chants to align the mind, body, soul and heart.
DAY 2: Mindful Yoga Flow & Breathwork
Featuring Elena Brower, Nahid De Belgeonne
A combination of easy mindful yoga flow, harmonizing movement and breath practices to rewire the brain and activate positive transformational habits.
DAY 3: Emotional Healing & Consciousness Expansion
Featuring Craig Holliday 
A guided meditation to heal emotional patterns that keep us stuck, expand our consciousness and align with our higher self.
DAY 4: Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony For Manifestation
Featuring Judy Machado
A guided cacao ceremony to increase our vibration, open our hearts and manifest our dreams with more ease.
SPeakers Featured in
Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Inner Child Awakening
David Wolfe
Nutrition & Remedies
Sonia Choquette
Spiritual Guidance
Krishna Das
Healing Mantras
Dr. John Gray
Love & Relationships
Leyla Naghizada
Self Discovery
Nessi Gomes
Holistic Voice Therapy
Gerard Powell
Plant Medicine Healing
Michelle D'Avella
Breath & Heart
Lulu & Mischka
Hearts Wide Open
Anahita Joon
Sexual Healing
Elena Brower
Heart Awakening
Dr. Arielle Schwartz 
Uncovering Trauma
Bre & Flo
Breathe & Flow
Nadine Artemis
Inner Beauty
Brandy Gillmore, Ph.D.
Miracle Healings
Judy Machado
Sacred Rituals
Nahid de Belgeonne
Mind-Body Awareness
Sally Kempton
Awakening Shakti
Udo Erasmus
Health & Nutrition
Lisa Solis DeLong
Emotional Alchemy
Simon Borg-Olivier
Prāṇāyāma Breath
Peggy McColl
Diana Richardson
Tantric Teachings
Alicia Carrasco
Unconditional Happiness
Eternal Bliss
John Jacob Mubarak
Spiritual Transformation
Sarsha Hope
Divine Feminine
Cherilyn Jones
Intuitive Guidance
Myrtille Brookson
Inner Strength
Kash Khan
Conscious Living
Antesa Jensen
Emotional Intelligence
Tom Shipley
Conscious Capitalism
Christian Minson
Transformational Breath
Carlos D. & Mariah G.
Medicine Healing
Craig Holliday
Mindfulness Practices
Tara Springett
Tibetan Buddhism
Terre Short
Mindful Communication
Samuel Austin
Self Realization
Nadja & Flurin
Mystical Experiences
Shane Reimer
Healing Music
Maiccu Kostiainen
Animal Communication
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   Expand Your
  • Inner Child Awakening
    Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Spiritual Transformation
    John Jacob Mubarak
  • Emotional AlchemyLisa Solis DeLong
  • Uncovering TraumaDr. Arielle Schwartz
  • Plant Medicine Healing
    Gerard Powell

  • Unconditional Happiness
    Alicia Carrasco
  • Mindful Practices
    Craig Holliday
  • Paradigm Shift
    Myrtille Brookson 
  • Manifestation
    Peggy McColl
  • Mindful Communication
    Terre Short
   Heal Your
  • Healing Mantras
    Krishna Das
  • Spiritual Guidance Sonia Choquette
  • Love & Relationships
    John Gray
  • Self Discovery
    Leyla Naghizada
  • Inner Strength
    Anahita Joon
  • Hearts Wide Open
    Lulu & Mischka
  • Heart Discovery
    Sarsha Hope
  • Heart Healing
    Michelle D'Avella
  • Heart Opening
    Judy Machado
  • Energy Healing
    Lindsay Attaway
  • Intuitive Guidance Cherilyn Jones
  Empower Your
  • Nutrition & Remedies
    David Wolfe
  • Heathy Fats & Oils
    Dr. Udo Erasmus
  • Miracle Healings
    Brandy Gillmore
  • Body Awareness
    Bre & Flo
  • Holistic Voice Therapy
    Nessi Gomes
  • Tantric Sex
    Diana Richardson
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Antesa Jensen
  • Posture Health 
    Simon Borg-Olivier
  • Self Care & Beauty
    Nadine Artemis
  • Mind-Body Awareness
    Nahid De Belgeonne
  • Transformational Breath
    Christian Minson
  Align YouR
  • Deep Presence
    Elena Brower
  • Awakening Shakti
    Sally Kempton
  • Eternal BlissShantiMayi
  • Finding Abundance
    Tom Shipley
  • Medicine Healing
    Carlos D. & Mariah G.
  • Spiritual Integration
    Basim & Ramsha Mirza
  • Conscious Living
    Kash Khan
  • Animal Communication
    Maiccu Konstiainen
  • Tibetan Buddhism
    Tara Springett
  • Self Realization
    Samuel Austin
  • Mystical Experiences
    Nadja & Flurin
Basim & Ramsha Mirza
Co-Founders of The Retreat Summit
Basim and Ramsha Mirza founded Retreat Institution with a vision to help people elevate consciousness, manifest their dreams and find more meaning in life. After attracting business success and travelling the world, they felt a calling to share the best-kept secrets of aligning with your highest potential. Through their platforms, Basim and Ramsha serve people by helping them find a closer connection to their divine source through online courses, meditations, and retreats.
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